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    June 10th - 11th, 2017

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Meridian's Center for Transformative Learning Presents:

Integral Practitioner Convergence

June 10 - 11, 2017: Integral Practitioners from around the world will converge on Berlin to Connect, Confer, Collaborate, and Create.

Who Should Participate:

Participants will include aspiring, early career, mid-career, established, and distinguished Integral Practitioners in the domains of education, business, well-being & healthcare, and the arts.

During the Convergence You Will:

  • Experience a diverse community of inquiry and practice.
  • Engage with established Integral Practitioners from around the world - in-person and via live video - regarding their professional work and learning journeys.
  • Connect with other aspiring and emerging practitioners.
  • Collaborate with others in prototyping your practice idea.
  • Discover the distinct web of competencies required for realizing your unique vision of integral practice.
  • Participate in the ongoing development of the Integral Practitioner Convergence.
  • Explore the core consciousness capacities vital for Integral Practitioners.

Calling Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Consultants, Changemakers, Leaders of next-stage organizations…

We live in a time of agonizing challenges and creative disruptions that require a deeper and higher order of capability from those who choose to contribute to the human and more than human future.

Integral practitioners from around the world are converging in Berlin on June 10 - 11, 2017 to learn from each other about the capabilities, methods, models and practices that they are innovating in the context of their professional engagements.

The format of this gathering will not be like a typical conference organized by keynote speakers, panels, and workshops. Instead, the two-day Convergence will draw on self-organizing processes that support the emergent discovery and self-management intrinsic to integral practice.

What is an Integral Practitioner?

Integral practitioners foster the development and transformation of individuals, teams, organizations and communities by empowering the whole person and the whole system.

In domains such as education, business, well-being & healthcare, and the arts, integral practitioners bring imagination to complex challenges in the service of transforming mindsets, cultures and social systems.

Integral practitioners make an impact by:

  • Facilitating incremental, adaptive and transformative change.
  • Engaging the vitality and emergence of development and evolution.
  • Securing the function of integrity in integral practice.
  • Developing the whole person: cognitively, emotionally, somatically, and spiritually.
  • Integrating action and reflection by cultivating consciousness capacities.
  • Anchoring the sacred by reuniting the artistic and the scientific.
  • Healing division within complex systems of relationships.
  • Innovating prototypes that can be scaled while sustaining beauty and practicality.
  • Inhabiting both the contemplative and the performative.
  • Inquiring through both expressive and scientific methods.
  • Leading in ways that take responsibility for the whole
  • Evolving new methods of creative collaboration.

Why the Integral Practitioner Convergence?

We live amidst accelerating environmental and social degradation as well as intensifying social and technological complexity. In response to these challenges, transformative initiatives are emerging and converging all around the globe. Our global circumstances require practitioners involved in transformation and leadership to develop a unique ecology of competencies that is complex enough for the requirements of the present.

Many of us are are called to lives of sacred purpose where we seek to join professional livelihood with personal meaning and passion. However, there is a widening gap between the challenges of complexity and our individual and collective capabilities. To realize our potential for passionate and meaningful livelihood, we must close this gap by building a bridge of capability.


Volker AdlerThe Arts

Volker Adler
The Arts

Don BeckSpiral Dynamics

Don Beck
Spiral Dynamics

Scott BoldenThe Arts

Scott Bolden
The Arts

Jan BruchBusiness

Jan Bruch

Martin BrudersBusiness

Martin Bruders

Vivian DittmarWell-Being and Health Care

Vivian Dittmar
Well-Being and Health Care

Elke FeinEducation

Elke Fein

Raymond FismerWell-Being and Healthcare

Raymond Fismer
Well-Being and Healthcare

Jutta GoldammerEducation

Jutta Goldammer

Jean HoustonChancellor of Meridian

Jean Houston
Chancellor of Meridian

Rainer LeoprechtingEducation

Rainer Leoprechting

Réka LivitsEducation

Réka Livits

Martin MichaelisEducation

Martin Michaelis

Khorshid Amir NezhadWell-Being and Healthcare

Khorshid Amir Nezhad
Well-Being and Healthcare

Aftab OmerConvergence Convener

Aftab Omer
Convergence Convener

Michael PlesseEducation

Michael Plesse

George PórBusiness

George Pór

Margret RasfeldEducation

Margret Rasfeld

Nico RoenpagelThe Arts

Nico Roenpagel
The Arts

Alice RoseThe Arts

Alice Rose
The Arts

Barbara V. MeibomEducation

Barbara V. Meibom

Roger WalshWisdom Research

Roger Walsh
Wisdom Research

Mathias WeitbrechtBusiness

Mathias Weitbrecht

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Event Menu

Event Details

June 10 - 11, 2017
Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 10:00 pm.
Sunday 10:00 – 6:00 p.m.


€250 (€125 for Integrales Forum registrants)

Venue Information

Siemens Villa
Concert Hall
Calandrellistraße 7
12247 Berlin (Lankwitz)
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Registration is now closed.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Integral Pratictioners Convergence: Berlin 2017, and made it such an amazing experience.
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