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Summit & Conversation Audio Recordings

Meridian University has hosted several online summits. If you missed these events the first time around, simply register for each past event to gain access to the audio recordings for over 100 interviews, conversations, and panel discussions.

The Spirit of Enterprise

Do you have the mindset and the skill set to be enterprising in today's day and age? A new spirit of creative enterprise is emerging all around us in organizational leaders and social innovators.

For four days, over 30 organizational leaders and pioneers of generative and creative business came together to explore the Spirit of Enterprise.

To access to the audio recordings from the 2013 Spirit of Enterprise Virtual Summit, register by clicking the following link:

Register to Access the Recordings

The Mystery of Embodiment

What does it mean to be embodied? Is it simply a sense of being in one’s body? Or is it something deeper and more mysterious? Is embodiment innate, or is it a transformative practice, in and of itself?

For seven days, over 25 pioneers and teachers of somatic studies explored the Mystery of Embodiment. These presenters have inspired, informed, inquired, learned together, and helped listeners to deepen their own participation into the mystery of embodiment. Each day of the summit featured live interviews, including Q&A at the end of each interview.

To access to the audio recordings for the 2012 Mystery of Embodiment as well as the 2011 Mystery of Embodiment, register by clicking the following link:

Register to Access the Recordings

Conversations on Transformative Learning

Meridian University's Center for Transformative Learning hosted a series of virtual conversations about Transformative Learning. These conversations took place in September and October 2012, leading up to the 10th International Transformative Learning Conference - A Future for Earth: Re-Imagining Learning for a Transforming World, held in San Francisco in November 2012.

Once you register for these conversations, you will also have access to the audio recordings from the April 2012 summit on Transformative Learning.

Register to Access the Recordings

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