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  • Online Dialogue Series
    Launched February, 2016

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The Soul at Work

Exploring the Transformative Possibilities of the Professions

Are you challenged to bring together a meaningful personal life with the complexity and demands of work life?

Conventional narratives tell us that we should strive to have work/life balance, but those narratives often don’t address our underlying desires. We want work that is meaningful and purposeful. We yearn to bring a sense of soulfulness into daily life.

Join us for an exploration of “the soul at work” as contributors tackle the questions and challenges of engaging work that is deeply satisfying, and calls on competencies like coherence, complexity, autonomy, creativity, playfulness, and collaborativity.

The series will include dialogues on: Complexity, Conflict Transformation, Collaborativity, Somatics, Gender, Presencing, Empathy, Collective Wisdom, Purpose, Mindfulness, and More…

The dialogues will explore questions such as:

  • How can we bring joyful and creative engagement to our in work?
  • How can we more aware of and accountable for the impact of our work, on ourselves and the world?
  • How can we align with the unique call of our own true nature?
  • How can we find the greatest amount of satisfaction with our work?
  • How can we bring a sense of aliveness, creativity, and impact to our work?

Each occasion will feature live conversations or panel discussions, including live Q&A. You can listen to the conversation live by webcast, or you can listen to the recordings at a later date.

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