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    The Art and Science of Change Making: The World in Process According to Social Artistry

    A Weekend with Jean Houston and Peggy Rubin

    November 15-17, 2019
    San Francisco Bay Area

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The outcome of the world, the gates of the future, the entry into the super-human, these are not thrown open to a few of the privileged nor to one chosen people to the exclusion of all others. They will open to an advance of all together, in a direction in which all together can join and find completion in a spiritual renovation of the earth.

Teilhard de Chardin

The Art and Science of Change Making: The World in Process According to Social Artistry
A Weekend with Jean Houston and Peggy Rubin

Worldwide, societies are crying out for assistance in the transformation of their citizenry, organizations, businesses, and institutions. To bring a new vision of the Possible Earth into reality, we need to begin with ourselves so that we are operating with the fullness of our being.

The global need is to achieve a new humanity and a new way to nurture the human species while we work to heal our home, the planet Earth. The need is to develop the possible human, in the possible society, in a more possible world. This is the art of world-making, spirit-catching, mind-growing, soul-quaking leadership!

The complexity of our time requires both greater and wiser use of our capacities - a rich playing of the mental and emotional instrument we have been given. The world needs Social Artists - skilled facilitators, change agents, and leaders - to guide and lead the shift to a set of new global values and local practices. Social Artistry provides strategies that are effective in an interdependant world, developing effective leaders who can productively address interconnected world problems.

In this weekend experience, Jean Houston and Peggy Rubin will guide participants towards engaging human development in its most primary form: The development of capacities, skills, and potentials that activate both individuals and groups in ways that enhance their societal choices and commitments, liberate their inventiveness, and raise levels of esteem and cooperation essential to carrying out individual and collective social goals.

During the weekend, Participants Will:

  • Learn and experience the state of the art in exploring and developing capacities in both physical, psychological, narrative, and other domains of human potential.
  • Study the ways in which current discoveries in neuroscience and biophysics support a new vision for emergent human and social capacities.
  • Learn and practice ways to translate for others how to utilize these findings, both for themselves and their organizations.
  • Begin to establish a teaching-learning community of practice to carry the work of Social Artistry forward, as well as to advance its findings in service of new ways of being and doing.

Weekend Presenters

Jean Houston

The Chancellor of Meridian University, Dr. Houston is a visionary researcher who has authored nearly 30 books and worked intensively in over 40 cultures, lectured in over 100 countries, and worked with major organizations such as UNICEF and NASA. Dr. Houston has developed a worldwide network of leaders including Joseph Campbell, Margaret Mead, Buckminster Fuller, Jonas Salk, US presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, as well as US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, giving her unique insight into the human potential. Dr. Houston's book, A Passion for the Possible, was an expansive compliment to her inspiring PBS special of the same name. Dr. Houston has served on the faculties of Columbia University, Hunter College, Marymount College, The New School for Social Research, and the University of California. She holds doctoral degrees in both psychology and religion. Since 2002, Dr. Houston has been working with the United Nations Development Program, training leaders in developing cultures throughout the world in the field of Social Artistry.

Peggy Rubin

Margaret Nash (Peggy) Rubin is founding director of the Center for Sacred Theatre in Ashland, Oregon. Primary activities of the Center include the creation of workshops in Living Life as Sacred Theatre, and Sacred Studies of the Divine Feminine. Since 1987 she has also been the principal teaching associate of Jean Houston, in Dr. Houston’s worldwide multicultural transformational work and in her schools of spiritual studies. Working with Jean Houston, Peggy Rubin has presented classes, workshops and trainings throughout the United States, and in Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Sweden, Greece, Egypt, The Netherlands, India, West Africa, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Jamaica, and on behalf of the United Nations Development Programme, in Albania, St. Lucia, Barbados, Kenya, and the Philippines.

Event Details

Join Jean Houston and Peggy Rubin in the San Francisco Bay Area for a unique Social Artistry residential weekend November 15 - 17, 2019.

Meridian's Petaluma Center
47 Sixth Street,
Petaluma, CA 94952
Friday, November 15
7 pm - 9 pm

Saturday, November 16
10 am - 4pm

Sunday, November 17
10 am - 4 pm

$250 for the full weekend

  • FAQs

  • Q: Who will be present at the weekend?

    Presenters Jean Houston and Peggy Rubin will be joined by accepted applicants. Meridian staff will be accessible to advise and assist.
  • Q: What if I can't attend the entire weekend?

    Please reach out to the Center for Transformative Learning via email with your scheduling restrictions, and we'll see if there is a way to make it work. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  • Q: What about meals and lodging?

    Meals and lodging are not included, however Meridian's Petaluma Center is located in the historic downtown district, walking distance from multiple hotels, a market, and many restaurants.
  • Q: What is Meridian's refund policy?

    Full refunds are available until November 12, 2019, by request via email.
  • Q: Do I need to apply to a Meridian graduate program to attend the weekend?

    You do not need to apply to Meridian’s graduate degree programs to attend. However, the brief application above is required prior to registration.
  • Q: How do I handle questions about this event or issues in the registration process?

    The Center for Transformative Learning team is available to assist from application through arrival. Please send your questions/requests/issues to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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