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Students in the Somatic Psychology Concentration are drawn from a diverse group of individuals, many of whom bring previous experience or training in embodied approaches to understanding human experience. Massage therapists, yoga teachers, dancers, and bodyworkers may work toward a Somatic Psychology degree in order to expand their knowledge of the psychological dimensions of their work, and prospective students with a background in psychology are often hungry for ways to incorporate the lived experience of the body into a counseling practice.

Students who undertake somatic psychology training share a commitment to exploring an emergent discipline through creative inquiry while simultaneously developing the personal and professional capacities of integrity, compassion, and embodied self-awareness.


Careers Graduates of the Somatic Psychology Concentration may embark on careers as qualified mental health professionals working with individuals, families, and groups in a range of clinical settings, including private practice. The knowledge and skills acquired through a degree concentration in somatic psychology positions graduates to excel in settings that incorporate elements of health and wellness, including medical facilities, wellness centers, and addiction treatment facilities. Graduates may also choose to apply their expertise in somatic psychology to innovative areas of specialization outside clinical psychology, such as education, leadership, or the arts.