Professional Specialty Program Pathways


Meridian University’s curriculum is designed to optimize each student’s individual academic journey. With a diverse set of concentrations and elective courses available, Meridian provides numerous avenues for knowledge expansion and professional growth.
For those students seeking to integrate professional training they might be involved in outside of their graduate education, Meridian offers Professional Specialty Program Pathways (PSPP).
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The PSPP Model and Its Benefits

Meridian's PSPP model allows students to combine their degree program focus with professional development efforts from outside the University. The PSPP journey begins with students engaging in a program at another organization and concurrently enrolling in an aligned course at Meridian, creating a vibrant and diverse learning environment.

The PSPP model promotes dynamic, hands-on learning and the application of academic theories in real-world settings. This approach enables students to cultivate a comprehensive skill set that reaches beyond the conventional scope of their degree programs.

This integration is not about transferring credits from external programs, but rather about enhancing the richness of the student's studies and professional competencies: The PSPP model entails the student taking a course which is largely focused on the student’s integration of concepts and principles from their external training program along with their Meridian program’s core curriculum. An additional focus for doctoral students is that of helping the student consider how they might want to integrate the aspects of their external training program into their final doctoral project.

PSPPs supplement the student’s academic and professional experience but themselves do not provide transferable credits. Degree credits must still be fulfilled 100% through Meridian University courses.

"My horizon has been widened by being a student here. I have learned to look at the world and myself differently. It’s very experiential and experience-based, which makes it very personal, but also I can take this personal experience and widen it and apply it in different ways to work with people or groups."
Marcela Urban PhD Graduate
Meridian StudentsMeridian Students

PSPP Scholarship: Empowering Your Journey

Meridian University has now introduced the PSPP Scholarship. This scholarship has been launched with the intent to facilitate students’ participation in selected PSPs with which Meridian has an established partnership. Students enrolled in or having completed one of these qualifying PSPPs are eligible to apply for the Meridian PSPP Scholarship.

The PSPP Scholarship can also be acquired by students concurrently undertaking a designated PSPP during their coursework at Meridian. This innovative scholarship reflects Meridian's commitment to making the unique benefits of Professional Specialty Program Pathways even more accessible.

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Approved Professional Specialty Programs

Meridian maintains a list of Professional Specialty Programs that have already been approved. These training programs have been vetted for quality, conceptual sophistication, and as well their alignment with the University's emphasis on transformative learning as its learning praxis. If students find a training program not yet on our approved list they are encouraged to submit a PSPP Approval Form. Meridian faculty will then review the student’s proposed program to explore potential approval.

Next Steps

Are you contemplating integrating a specialty training program into your path towards a Master's or doctoral degree in psychology, business, coaching, facilitation, or leadership?

With Meridian's Professional Specialty Program Pathways, academic enrichment goes beyond traditional boundaries. Discover more about enhancing your academic experience with PSPs and the potential opportunity to reduce tuition costs through the PSP Scholarship.


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