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Student Accounts

The Student Accounts Office is responsible for receiving and processing tuition and fee payments, refunds, and Department of Education loan disbursements.

Key Points

  • Contacting the Student Accounts Office is the best way to handle any questions about billing and payments - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Accessing the Student Services Portal is the best way to view your student account balance.
  • Students are responsible for adhering to Meridian’s payment and refund policies and knowing when payments are due.
  • We send communication to students via @meridianuniversity.edu email addresses. Students are responsible for ensuring they are able to access these emails.
  • Always read emails from @meridianuniversity.edu addresses - ensure that these emails do not go to your spam folder.

Financial Aid Disbursements

Financial aid is disbursed from the U.S. Department of Education directly to Meridian in equal disbursements after the start of each quarter once registration, Satisfactory Academic Progress, and attendance are confirmed.

Students can expect aid to be disbursed within 3-4 weeks from the start of the quarter and are notified of this via email. Credit balance refunds (where Meridian sends the student excess aid received by the University via direct deposit) occurs within 14 days of the date of disbursement, per Department of Education regulations.

Meridian applies financial aid towards charges for tuition and fees for the current quarter and previous quarters in the current academic year. Students are responsible for payment of all outstanding charges not covered by financial aid.

Once students have completed all required documents for financial aid and the award has been processed by Meridian, expected financial aid will be noted on the student’s account until funds have been received from the U.S. Department of Education and processed by Meridian each quarter. Any tuition and fees not covered by Financial Aid are expected to be paid before the start of each quarter.


Payment Terms

Tuition is due annually, quarterly or monthly, based on the payment plan selected by the student.

Payment Plans and Due Dates

As part of the registration process each academic year, students select a payment plan and must stay with that plan for the entire academic year. Partial payments are not accepted; however, you may make advance payments.

Note that students whose direct costs (owed to Meridian) are entirely covered by a financial aid award still need to select a payment plan, in case they do end up with a balance not covered by financial aid.

Late Payments

A late fee of $25 is assessed on all late payments past the due date (as described above for each payment plan).

What to Pay

Consult the Tuition and Fees statement provided with your registration materials or the Student Services Portal to determine the amount you need to pay as well as when payment is due. Note that Meridian does not provide paper billing statements or payment receipts for tuition or fees unless specifically requested. Students are responsible for tracking what they owe and paying on time.

How to Pay

To make a payment by credit card, access the Student Services Portal. Meridian accepts payments by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. Note that for payments by credit card, the system will add a 3.25% credit card processing fee.

ACH bank account payments can also be made via the Student Services Portal. Note that for bank account payments, the system will add a 0.8% payment processing fee.

All checks or money orders are to be made payable to Meridian University. Write your cohort number and specify what your payment is for on the memo section of the check.

If the check is from a third party sponsoring your attendance, please ensure that the check memo includes your name or the payment will be rejected by Meridian.

Insufficient Funds

When a check submitted for any fee is returned by the student’s bank for insufficient funds, a returned check fee is assessed to the student’s account. Any student having more than two returned checks during an academic year will be required to pay all future fees using money orders or cashier’s checks.

Where to Pay

All tuition payments should be mailed to:

Student Accounts Office
Meridian University
47 Sixth Street,
Petaluma, CA

If you would like to pay in person at Meridian’s Petaluma Center, you may do so by enclosing your payment in an envelope marked with your name, the payment amount, and the quarter for which you are paying. All payments should be addressed to the Student Accounts Office.

Change of Address

It is each student’s responsibility to make sure that Meridian University and the U.S. Department of Education have the most current and correct address, phone number, and email information. If this information changes, the respective representatives must be notified.

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