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Meridian's public programs are produced by the Center for Transformative Learning at Meridian University. Public programs include online courses, labs & workshops, conferences & symposia, and podcasts.

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Purposeful Pathways: Professional Practice and The Coach's Journey

Human well-being thrives on meaning and purpose. Integrating meaning and purpose together into a coherent livelihood and professional practice is a challenge. It is challenging to cultivate a practitioner habitat attuned to local worlds and practitioner frames such as coaching, psychotherapy, facilitating, managing, and entrepreneurship.

To achieve meaning, purpose and livelihood, most professional practices require creating a generative entrepreneurial ecosystem. This course weaves together developing leadership competencies for professionals necessary for transforming the professions in ways that realign the professions to their deeper and sacred purpose. Finding one's true calling, one's sacred purpose, enables us to lead lives in which our passions and capabilities are forged into our livelihood.

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Transforming Collective and Developmental Trauma: The Social Healing Practitioner’s Journey

Individual and collective trauma is an actuality, worldwide. This course explores current issues in the field of psychological trauma through personal, historical, cultural, and archetypal perspectives. Its intent is threefold: To develop the student’s ability to engage their own personal traumatic material (generally experienced through fragmented images that are the common aftermath of overwhelming experience); to integrate imaginal approaches to trauma with principles inherent in the recovery model; and to identify key somatic, cognitive, affective, behavioral, and neurological effects associated with trauma.

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Integral Voices

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"Things fall apart; the center cannot hold" wrote Yeats about 100 years ago in his poem “The Second Coming.” While in the deafening incoherence of an unraveling center, inquiring and transforming conversations necessarily move to the edge. Edges are associated with danger, crisis, complexity, possibility, the unknown, and unknowable. We are now in edge times as never before.

Protected from the noise, a dialogic commons is a place that nurtures generative listening. A listening where the powers of resonance foster the emergence of creative imagination and a re-sacralizing coherence. Integral Voices convenes dialogues at evolving edges to catalyze a renaissance of real human development and the seeding of possible worlds.

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Selected Recent Previous Programs

Creative Entrepreneurship and the Transformation Economy thumbnail

Creative Entrepreneurship and the Transformation Economy

Education, psychology, and business practitioners alike are called to creatively engage with the emerging transformation economy, to establish flourishing practitioner habitats within emerging sociocultural ecosystems. This course explores the intersection of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the context of rapidly changing cultural landscape. This is relevant for students in Psychology, Education, and Business in preparing for success as coaches, facilitators, organizational leaders, and entrepreneurs.

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Developmental Coaching in Cultural Contexts thumbnail

Developmental Coaching in Cultural Contexts

The course will explore theories and models of adult development as they apply to coaching practitioners. Most models currently in use emphasize cognition and are culturally centered around western modernity. This course provides a balancing emphasis on relational development by drawing on pre-modern cultural codes. This multidimensional understanding of development is essential to actualizing the possibilities of Metamodernity.

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Reimagining the Future of Developmental Power thumbnail

Reimagining the Future of Developmental Power

The course explores the coaching and facilitation relationship along with the competencies needed to foster client outcomes associated with states of well-being, transforming mindsets, developing meaning structures, shifts of habits, leaps in performance, and paths to living a creative and purposeful life.

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Unfolding Understanding thumbnail

Unfolding Understanding

We live in times of deep relational chaos and complexity, where the information revolution is morphing into a deluge of propaganda and disinformation. As a consequence, it is becoming more and more difficult to cohere a foundation of facts and meanings necessary for collaboration and co-creation.

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Making Possible Worlds thumbnail

Making Possible Worlds

Human beings thrive on meaning and purpose. Bringing meaning and purpose together into a coherent professional livelihood is a challenge. In part, this is so because the professions paradoxically and often tragically undermine their purposeful intentions to meet human needs in support of the flourishing of individuals, communities, and societies.

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Collective Trauma and Integral Transformative Justice thumbnail

Collective Trauma and Integral Transformative Justice

This course explores personal, historical, cultural, and archetypal perspectives to transforming trauma. Participants in this course will engage in collaborative inquiry into aesthetic, psychological, and political responses which bring about social healing and cultural renewal.

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Liminality and Transformation thumbnail

Liminality and Transformation

This course explores underlying patterns found to be universally applicable in change processes, along with principles and practices that support personal change awareness. Students will be invited to explore their own experiences with change and apply the differences between circumstantial, volitional, and developmental change to their own history.

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Integral Practitioner Convergence thumbnail

Integral Practitioner Convergence

We live in a time of challenges and disruptions that require a deeper understanding from those who choose to engage in this moment. Learn more.

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The Dancer and The Dance thumbnail

The Dancer and The Dance

Individuals, families, teams, organizations, communities, and societies are all human systems nested within larger systems. Living systems change for better or worse without intentional or deliberate efforts, sometimes in profound ways. However, a portal to transformative change also opens when a system begins to be aware of itself. There is power and magic to systems change through collective intention and collaborative learning when there is systemic awareness of possibilities, including unintended consequences.

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