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Meridian's public programs are produced by the Center for Transformative Learning at Meridian University. Public programs include online courses, labs & workshops, conferences & symposia, and podcasts.

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The Dancer and The Dance: Practicing Awareness-Based Systems Change

Transforming Teams, Organizations, and Societies Through Systems Awareness

Individuals, families, teams, organizations, communities, and societies are all human systems nested within larger systems. Living systems change for better or worse without intentional or deliberate efforts, sometimes in profound ways. However, a portal to transformative change also opens when a system begins to be aware of itself. There is power and magic to systems change through collective intention and collaborative learning when there is systemic awareness of possibilities, including unintended consequences.

This course introduces principles, perspectives, and practices for the application of awareness-based practices that empower mutual and aware initiatives for transforming individual lives within complex living systems.

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Transforming Collective Trauma: Social Healing and the Future of Culture

Melissa Schwartz with Thomas Hubl, Aftab Omer, Eleanor Criswell, Susan Shaw, and Richard Schwartz

This course explores personal, historical, cultural, and archetypal perspectives to transforming trauma. Participants in this course will engage in collaborative inquiry into aesthetic, psychological, and political responses which bring about social healing and cultural renewal.

Through active dialogue participants and presenters engage complex issues of climate change, economic injustice, intimate violence, stereotyping and scapegoating, and ethnic conflict, while exploring the practices that might create conditions of social healing such as restorative justice, rebuilding trust in the aftermath of trauma, the power of empathy, and the role of awe in recasting our vision of the world. These principles and practices have been the focus of the Center for Social Healing established in 2009 at Meridian University.

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Reimagining Power and Revaluing Care

Actualizing the Potentials of Partnership Systems

This course explores how the potentials of partnership systems can be harvested by developing partnership capability as applicable to all system levels, from intimate - starting in families - to societal and economic, including specific principles and practices that guide the process of transforming adversaries and bystanders into partners and allies.

Partnership capabilities enable members of a system to collaborate in generating synergistic outcomes. Five dimensions of partnership capability will receive particular emphasis: relationality, pleasure, prosperity, creativity, and spirituality.

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Nurturing Our Humanity: Reuniting Care and Economics

A Live, Interactive Integral Voices Panel Conversation -- September 8 at 11 am Pacific

Join us for a live, interactive panel conversation with Riane Eisler, Hazel Henderson, David Korten, Lynne Twist, and Ervin Laszlo, moderated by Aftab Omer.

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Integral Development and Transformative Leadership

Applying the Art and Science of Integral Transformation to Regenerate our Humanity, our Institutions and our Home Planet

This course is an invitation to develop your capacity as a transformative leader with the consciousness, creativity and courage to co-pioneer integral development at this crucial time of planetary transition. You will engage with the theory and global praxis of Integral Development, addressing the interconnected realms of human life: humanity, nature, culture, education, systems and unity. This course based on a ‘whole life-whole person’ pedagogy combines personal transformation and societal impact. This course supports and mentors you to shape your individual purpose and collective contribution to a regenerative Earth Civilization.

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Integral Practitioner Convergence 2021

Calling Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Consultants, Changemakers, and Leaders...

Integral practitioners from around the world are converging on April 16 - 18, 2021 to learn from each other about the capabilities, methods, models and practices that they are innovating in the context of their professional engagements.

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Integral Voices

"Things fall apart; the center cannot hold“ wrote Yeats about 100 years ago in his poem “The Second Coming.” While in the deafening incoherence of an unraveling center, inquiring and transforming conversations necessarily move to the edge. Edges are associated with danger, crisis, complexity, possibility, the unknown, and unknowable. We are now in edge times as never before.

Protected from the noise, a dialogic commons is a place that nurtures generative listening. A listening where the powers of resonance foster the emergence of creative imagination and a re-sacralizing coherence. Integral Voices convenes dialogues at evolving edges to catalyze a renaissance of real human development and the seeding of possible worlds.

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