Integral Development and Transformative Leadership:

Applying the Art and Science of Integral Transformation to Regenerate our Humanity, our Institutions and our Home Planet

A Seven-Week Online Course

Earth, our shared home planet, is on fire. Humanity is at a perilous yet promising crossroad. Despite the alarming degeneration of our politics, economy, environment and culture, we have the potential to reshape our shared future by embodying our full humanity and taking creative response-ability for our Earth home.

This course is an invitation to develop your capacity as a transformative leader with the consciousness, creativity and courage to co-pioneer integral development at this crucial time of planetary transition. You will engage with the theory and global praxis of Integral Development, addressing the interconnected realms of human life: humanity, nature, culture, education, systems and unity. This course based on a ‘whole life-whole person’ pedagogy combines personal transformation and societal impact. This course supports and mentors you to shape your individual purpose and collective contribution to a regenerative Earth Civilization.

You will:
  1. Apply the Art and Science o Integral Transformation to:
    • Script and enact your Integral Manifesto of transformative leadership, enabling you to embody and express your unique and authentic humanity.
    • Shape your own integral development initiative to contribute to systemic change and societal regeneration.
  2. Experience the integral campus of Home for Humanity and the praxis of developing our personal, organizational, societal and planetary homes into seedbeds for individual and collective renewal.
  3. Engage with an inspiring and diverse transcultural community of pioneering transformative leaders and integral development organizations on all continents, belonging to the Earth Alliance of Home for Humanity.

Teaching Methodology

A Whole Life-Whole Person Living-Learning Laboratory – An Immersion in the Art and Science of Integral Transformation

This course offers an immersive ‘whole life-whole person’ approach to embodied and experiential living-learning. The course is based on the Art and Science of Integral Transformation, grounded in the paradigm of the interconnected wholeness of existence, which represents the powerful fusion of two integral methodologies for transformation.

  • The ‘Integral Worlds Theory and Practice’ was developed, taught and implemented globally over the past two decades by Prof. Alexander Schieffer and Prof. Ronnie Lessem, the co-founders of the “TRANS4M Academy for Integral Transformation” ( Integral Worlds draws on the disciplines of economics, organisational change, human development, cultural renewal, systems change, corporate leadership and business management, among others, and on first-hand experience with TRANS4M’s community of integral transformative practitioners and pioneering integral organizations, across the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.
  • ‘The Theatre of Transformation Methodology’ for Transformative Leadership was developed by Dr. Rama Mani over the past decade at the University of Oxford’s Enacting Global Transformation Programme (, and taught worldwide to UN and international leaders, policy makers, practitioners and civic leaders. It draws on the disciplines of politics and international relations, global security, peacebuilding, justice, global governance, civic and political leadership, culture and the performing arts, and on direct experience in crisis-affected areas in diverse cultures on all continents.

Course Participants immerse themselves in the Art and Science of Integral Transformation, and engage in an interactive experience of co-learning, knowledge-creation, experimentation, embodiment and creative expression.

Course Modules

Week One

HUMANITY: Coming Home to our Humanity – The Transformative Leadership Journey to Integral Development Begins

  • Overview: Introduction to the Art and Science of Integral Transformation
  • Integral Theory: Integral Development in Theory and Practice: an Overview
  • Personal Embodiment: Enacting Global Transformation: the Transformative Leadership journey
  • Societal Actualization: Humanity’s Quest to ‘Come home’ to our ‘Humanity’ on four levels – inner home, outer home, organisational home and planetary home

Week Two

NATURE: Living as an Earth Community – Nature, Community and the Ecological Regeneration of our Planetary Home

  • Integral Theory: Nature, Ecology and Community – the ‘southern dimension’ of Integral Development
  • Global Praxis: Engaging with pioneering leaders of ecological regeneration from Home for Humanity’s Earth Alliance
  • Personal Embodiment: Witnessing Reality as Transformative Leaders
  • Societal Actualization: Seeding planetary regeneration as interconnected ‘homes for humanity’

Week Three

CULTURE (PART 1): Nurturing a Culture of Peace and Integrity – Activating our Creative Potential for Cultural Renewal

  • Integral Theory: Culture, Creativity and Societal Renewal: the ‘eastern dimension of Integral Development
  • Global Praxis: Engaging with pioneering catalysts of cultural renewal from Home for Humanity’s Earth Alliance
  • Personal Embodiment: A poetic journey of integral awakening
  • Societal Actualization: Catalysing societal renaissance through the transformative power of culture

Week Four

CULTURE (PART 2): Nurturing a Culture of Peace, Justice and Humanity – Awakening the Power of Art and Creativity to transform Crisis

  • Integral Theory: An integral approach to conflict transformation and just peace through art and culture
  • Global Praxis: Engaging with transformative artists who’ve transformed themselves and their crisis-affected societies from Home for Humanity’s Earth Alliance
  • Personal Embodiment: Awakening possibility as transformative leaders to transform conflict and injustice through culture, art and creative expression
  • Societal Actualization: Igniting societal renewal through the transformative power of art

Week Five

EDUCATION: Cultivating the Wisdom of Life – Transformative Education and Knowledge Creation

  • Integral Theory: Science, Systems and Technology – the Northern dimension of Integral Development
  • Global Praxis: Engaging with pioneering leaders in transformative education and integral innovation from Home for Humanity’s Earth Alliance
  • Personal Embodiment: Envisioning change as Transformative Leaders
  • Societal Actualization: Co-hosting a ‘humanivEARTHsity’ across our home planet for human and societal transformation

Week Six

SYSTEMS: Pioneering a Regenerative Future – Realizing Ecosystemic Change

  • Integral Theory: Economics, Enterprise and Politics – the Western dimension of Integral Development
  • Global Praxis: Engaging with the Earth Alliance’s pioneering Change Makers across ecosystems, fields and continents to accelerate paradigm change
  • Personal Embodiment: Enacting Transformation as transformative leaders
  • Societal Actualization: Rethinking Economics and Finance as Regenerative Resourcing, Gifting economies and the Economy of love

Week Seven

UNITY: An Earth Agora to Fulfil our Humanity in Unity – Enactment, Integration and Future Building

  • Global Praxis: Co-creating and sustaining our mutually nurturing community of integral practice
  • Personal Embodiment: Enacting my Integral Manifesto as a Transformative Leader
  • Societal Actualization: Presenting my Imago Integralis of Integral Development – My intended contribution to a just inclusive and regenerative Earth civilization
  • Integration and Maintaining Momentum: How we will apply, actualise and deepen our learnings in our transformative leadership and integral practice

Online Course Format

Course Structure
  • Seven-week online course from June 8 through August 1, 2021
  • Seven live 75-minute Zoom sessions with faculty held Tuesdays at 10:00 am PT (Pacific Time) and recorded for participants who cannot join every session live
  • Resources, networking, and emergent community outcomes
  • Content and collaboration via Meridian's social learning platform
Course Schedule
  • June 8 - Course begins, participants begin engaging with course resources and activities
  • June 8 at 10 am PT - First live course session
  • June 15 at 10 am PT - Second live course session
  • June 22 at 10 am PT - Third live course session
  • June 29 at 10 am PT - Fourth live course session
  • July 13 at 10 am PT - Fifth live course session
  • July 27 at 10 am PT – Seventh live course session
  • August 1 - Course ends, participants continue engagement via learning platform’s social group
Course Fees

$250, including the synchronous course video calls (with recordings), online learning platform access, participation in the course learning community, plus course resources and written activities.


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