Grievance Procedure

Grievance Procedure

When an informal approach does not lead to an effective resolution, the student has the option of initiating a formal grievance procedure, as follows:

Step 1: The Student files a Statement of Grievance with Meridian’s Administrative Director, who acts as the Grievance Officer (if the conflict is with the Administrative Director, the Vice President of Academic Affairs will act as the Grievance Officer). The Statement of Grievance must include all relevant specifics, as follows:

  • Person(s) involved;
  • Event(s);
  • Date(s);
  • Description of actions taken by student towards an informal resolution;
  • Issue(s);
  • Documentation, if applicable;
  • Desired resolution.

The Statement of Grievance is provided to the Administrative Director via email to

A Statement of Grievance must be received no later than forty-five (45) calendar days after the student first became aware of the facts that gave rise to the grievance.

Step 2: The Grievance Officer will conduct an inquiry to assess the nature and validity of the grievance and to determine the appropriate resolution. This inquiry may include both verbal and written communications with the relevant persons involved.

Step 3: The Grievance Officer will compile a Grievance Assessment Report summarizing the findings of the inquiry and specifying the resolution. The student will receive a copy of the report.

Appeal Procedure

If the student finds the resolution(s) offered in the Grievance Assessment Report to be unacceptable, the student may initiate an appeal to the Graduate Council. The appeal must be initiated within ten (10) business days after receipt of the Grievance Assessment Report.

Step 1: Write an Appeal Statement and email it as a reply to the Grievance Assessment Report. The Appeal Statement should include the student's disagreements with the Grievance Assessment Report and the student’s alternative proposal for resolution.

Step 2: The Graduate Council will review the Appeal Statement, the Grievance Assessment Report, and the Statement of Grievance, and conduct any further inquiry and consultation as necessary. Upon the completion of this review, the Graduate Council will make a decision responding to the appeal. The Graduate Council's decision will be final and closes the grievance file.

Student complaints are kept in the student record and are maintained by the state and federal regulations pertaining to the maintenance of Student Records. In addition, Meridian maintains a complaint log.

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