Integrity of Marketing and Recruitment Policy

Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials Approval

  • Meridian’s marketing materials are built from previously approved templates and undergo an approval process prior to each send, to ensure details within have been updated to match most recent updates.
  • Marketing materials are formulated to describe the nature of Transformative Learning and the focus on character development inherent to an education for meta-modernity.

Marketing Materials Content Requirements

  • Meridian’s marketing materials are quality assured to check for accuracy across data included.
  • Marketing materials contain financial information regarding Cost of Attendance, institutional and federal financial aid options, and optional fees. Materials also include licensure eligibility, program length, maximum time to complete the degree, and accelerated versus part-time program trajectories.
  • Marketing materials also outline the Graduation Requirements of each degree and licensure eligibility. Faculty within the Business, Psychology and Education programs, as well as a brief description of their educational background and expertise, are listed on the website and the Academic Catalog.
  • Marketing materials explain how Meridian’s degree programs relate to a student’s professional goals, and criteria that may make Meridian a good fit - or a bad - relative to what student success might mean for each prospective student’s specific case. The Vision and Mission of Meridian are clearly displayed for students to make an informed decision about their alignment with the goals of the University.
  • The Consumer Information section of Meridian’s website includes resources both academic and general, that detail the Health and Safety procedures in place, the Leave, Withdrawal & Refund policy, student, staff and faculty demographics, copyright policy, accreditation, disability services, grievance procedure and adherence with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
  • All of Meridian University’s locations are clearly listed on the website, with information about the center itself, and specifics about precise address, facilities within, and attractions nearby.

Saving Marketing Materials for Compliance Purposes

  • Sent marketing materials are filed internally to remain on hand for reference and compliance.

Admissions Advising

Admissions Quick Texts Use

  • Admissions Advisors utilize pre-written “Quick Texts”, otherwise considered approved drafts routinely updated to include most up to date information, as promptly and efficiently as possible.

Admissions Case Escalation and Assurance

  • Complex questions and email requests follow a procedure of escalation to the Admissions Committee, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Director of Operations, or Administrative Director, as applicable to gather accurate data and complete response.

Admissions Call Logging

  • All Admissions Advising appointments made via phone call are logged after the fact, to commemorate the time and date, contact, and context of the call for any future reference.

Admissions Accuracy of Information

  • The Admissions section of the website is consistently updated to provide most prevalent information to prospective students and members of the public.

Admissions Program Advising

  • Program length, credit requirements, cost of attendance, learning format, accreditation, and highest degree required are displayed clearly for each degree program on Meridian’s website degree pages. This information is also published within the Academic Catalog linked from the Consumer Information page of the website.

Employment Information After Graduation

  • The Bureau for Private Post-Secondary section of the Consumer Information page on Meridian’s website includes the Annual Report and the Student Performance Fact Sheets to display figures related to employment after graduation.

Recruitment Targeting

Meridian University exercises discretion in recruitment solely on the basis of merit and fitness, without regard to political or religious affiliation, marital status, sexual orientation, race, or veterans’ preference entitlement.

Recruitment in Specific States

  • Meridian University does not recruit students from specific states, but welcomes students from all over the country and internationally.

Recruitment and Civil Rights

  • Meridian University is an Equal Opportunity employer and educator. Employees and students are hired or admitted fairly, and without prejudice.

Recruitment Related to Financial Aid Programs

  • Meridian University does not specifically recruit Veteran students, nor encourage students to utilize Financial Aid or similar programs.

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