Textbook Information

Students are informed of required textbooks for each course they have chosen to register for at the time of registration, prior to the start of the course.

Students also receive syllabi each quarter that list required and recommended books.

Decisions regarding both required and recommended books are based on faculty discretion and may change quarter to quarter. Textbooks are selected by faculty for each course offered each quarter, therefore a list of textbooks for a given degree program cannot be produced in advanced. We do not recommend students purchase any books prior to receiving the book lists for each quarter.

Course descriptions for each program:

Textbook Costs

Meridian does not provide students with textbooks nor provide bookstore services. The Cost of Attendance page provides estimates of the cost of textbooks that students will incur. However, the actual cost of textbooks for each student will depend on which courses they choose to register for, how many quarters they are registered for each year, and whether they purchase all or some recommended books.

Textbook Purchasing

Many books can be purchased used at either a local bookstore or online. Meridian recommends students access their local bookstore for most of the required and recommended books. Students can also purchase all of their textbooks online at Amazon.com.

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