Transfer Credit Policy

Meridian University encourages students to take courses in sequence whenever possible, due to the distinct and nested nature of Meridian’s master’s and doctoral programs. Given the emphasis on transformative learning and the student's depthful, lived experience of the conceptual content of the course, courses taken at other institutions will likely not be assessed as equivalent to a similar course offered in the Meridian curriculum.

Transfer credits may be granted up to a maximum of 40 quarter credits for the PsyD, PhD, and EdD, and 12 quarter credits towards Master's degrees (M.A. in Psychology, M.A. in Counseling Psychology, M.Ed., MBA). PhD and PsyD students entering with Advanced Standing status may be granted transfer credit up to a maximum of 12 quarter credits. Meridian University does not offer academic credit for prior experiential learning.

Eligibility criteria for transfer units include:

  • the course needs to have been taken at a state approved or regionally accredited institution and be listed on an official transcript.
  • the student must have received a grade of a “B” or higher in the course.
  • transfer credit can only be potentially available for graduate level coursework.

Transfer credits from other schools are reviewed at the student's request. To request credit for coursework taken at other institutions, submit the syllabus for the course (the actual syllabus from when the course was taken) along with an accompanying letter that clearly spells out which Meridian course(s) the student is requesting transfer credit for. The assessment of prior coursework submitted for transfer can take up to 20-30 working days.

Credit cannot be given for prior life experience; only courses taken in state approved or regionally accredited academic institutions can be considered for transfer credit.

Prior coursework approved for transfer into the student’s record reduces the number of courses the student needs to take in their program.

Meridian University does not accept credit earned through challenge examination and/or achievement tests. Meridian does not offer credit for experiential learning or independent study.

Note regarding Veterans Benefits: Students who are eligible for VA Benefits must submit all educational history for transfer credit review prior to utilizing VA aid. VA aid cannot be used to pay for courses for which the student has received transfer credit and has therefore completed the associated program requirement(s). Credit cannot be given for prior military training.

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