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Somatic Psychology

The Somatic Psychology Concentration at Meridian University is infused with the perspectives, approaches, and learning environments unique to Meridian.

In addition to receiving a solid foundation in clinical psychotherapy and somatic psychology, students in the Somatic Psychology Concentration can expect an enhanced focus on depth psychology and the expressive arts, as well as a significant commitment to diversity work and critical cultural praxis.

The degree programs which offer this concentration are:
• M.A. in Psychology
• Ph.D. in Psychology
• Psy.D. in Psychology

Somatics Faculty

The approach to learning somatic psychotherapy at Meridian University is rooted in the transformative learning paradigm at the heart of Meridian’s programs, with a particular emphasis on embodied approaches to teaching and learning.

Embodied pedagogy draws on the scholarly research in education that understands the lived experience of the body as a legitimate but marginalized source of knowledge, and the cultivation of deeper access to embodied knowledge as an opportunity for students to develop a locus for authoritative knowing embedded in their own bodily experience. Because the body features prominently in the articulation of social difference, helping students become more attentive to the embodied interactions in the classroom also supports them to be more skillful in the navigation of power differentials in relationships with others.

Faculty in the Somatic Psychology Concentration are well-versed in teaching in and through the body, and this commitment is reflected in their own posture, gestures, and quality of presence, as well as in their teaching strategies.


Students participating in the Somatic Concentration are eligible for the following memberships and/or certifications:

  • USABP: Students in the Somatic Psychology Concentration are eligible for Student Membership in the US Association of Body Psychotherapists, and graduates are eligible for Clinical Membership.
  • ISMETA: Students and graduates of the Somatic Psychology Concentration are eligible for Associate Membership with the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association. Coursework in the Somatic Psychology Concentration may fulfill some requirements for Independent Track certification as a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist (RSMT) and/or Registered Somatic Movement Educator (RSME).
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