The Call of the Entrepreneur: A Path of Innovation and Risk

Entrepreneurship is a choice. It is a calling, a relentless drive that pushes you to create, innovate, and revolutionize. Deciding to become such a changemaker should be done with serious contemplation; this path is full of pitfalls but also great rewards, and it is only for some.

"The Call of the Entrepreneur" explores this journey. It follows the likes of Jimmy Lai, Brad Morgan, and Frank Hanna, who have not just heard this call but answered it with creativity, passion, and perseverance.

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Entrepreneurship is a rewarding experience with the right idea and attitude

Jimmy Lai: From refugee to media mogul

Jimmy Lai's story epitomizes the entrepreneurial spirit. A refugee from Communist China, Lai arrived in Hong Kong with little more than determination. He transformed this determination into a popular retail clothing chain and, after, a media empire, demonstrating how innovation and sheer resilience can overcome the most challenging beginnings.

Brad Morgan: Turning adversity into opportunity

In Evart, Michigan, Brad Morgan confronted the harsh reality of being a failing dairy farmer. Facing financial ruin, Morgan transformed his circumstances by developing a creative solution to utilize cow manure, an abundant resource on his farm, into profitable, eco-friendly compost. With the ability to turn adversity into opportunity, this ingenious venture saved his farm from bankruptcy and positioned him as a pioneer in agricultural entrepreneurship.

Frank Hanna: A merchant banker's view

As a merchant banker, Frank Hanna represents a different facet of entrepreneurship. He leveraged his finance and investment insight to support and grow various business ventures. He stands out for his strategic approaches that focus on identifying and nurturing potential in diverse markets.

Hanna's greater success is in building wealth and his commitment to using his resources for philanthropic causes, reflecting a deep understanding of the broader impact of entrepreneurism.

Uniting risk, creativity, and vision

Despite their differing backgrounds and industries, these entrepreneurs share common traits: a willingness to take risks, creative aptitude resulting in actionable solutions, and a vision of what is beyond the present. These three traits exemplify entrepreneurship.

Embracing risk as a part of the entrepreneurial gamble

Risk is an inherent aspect of the call of the entrepreneur. Whether it's Jimmy Lai facing political threats, Brad Morgan risking his farm on a new idea, or Frank Hanna investing in unproven ventures, each story highlights the courage to embrace uncertainty for greater rewards.

Creativity is the heart of innovation

Creativity is at the core of entrepreneurial success. You must see connections where others see barriers. Each of these entrepreneurs demonstrated creativity, be it through Lai's media strategies, Morgan's unique and creative product development, or Hanna's financial insights.

A vision of the future today

Entrepreneurs are also visionaries. They imagine a world different from the status quo. From the bustling streets of Hong Kong to the quiet farms of Michigan, these entrepreneurs saw potential where others saw potential despair.


The entrepreneur's call is more than just a career path; it is a journey of risk, innovation, vision, and, possibly, great success. It is about transforming challenges into opportunities and dreams into realities. This call promises a challenging journey. But for those like Lai, Morgan, and Hanna, it is a journey worth every step.

The MBA in Creative Enterprise

Meridian University's accredited MBA in Creative Enterprise is well-suited for those hearing the call of the entrepreneur. When setting out independently, technical business skills and advanced whole-person and whole-system competencies create a foundation for potential success. Indeed, there will always be a lot of hard work involved. But a graduate-level business education is the proverbial leg-up in today's complex business environment.

If you want to learn more about the MBA in Creative Enterprise, contact one of our Admissions Advisors today. Alternatively, you can also apply online.

Frequently asked questions

What is the main point of the Call of the Entrepreneur?

The main point of the "Call of the Entrepreneur" is understanding entrepreneurship as a combination of risk-taking, creativity and innovation, and a vision to transform challenges into opportunities.

What is the most important things in entrepreneur?

The most critical aspect of entrepreneurship is embracing risk while innovating and envisioning a future that deviates from the norm.

What is the first and most important thing for an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur's first and most crucial step is recognizing and embracing their unique vision, setting the foundation for all subsequent innovation and risk-taking.


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